destination: earth v 2.5 manual

how to play the game

i. general overview.

you can choose to go directly to the following:

a. life experiences.

this program simulates, in a non-professional manner, life experiences here in the usa. six dimensions, or aspects, of life are presented:

    1. education -- graduating high school through post graduate school. awards can be won. you can also be dropped from school for poor performance.

    2. family -- becoming engaged, marriage, divorce, children, abortion & adoption. spouses may or may not work.

    3. careers -- part-time work for school as well as a number of industries are allowed. promotions, bonuses, terminations, closed businesses and quiting are some of the events/decisions.

    4. financial -- each year a budget is presented showing income and expenses as well as a financial status of what is owned and owed. you will be forced to become financially sound. cars, houses, investment and a college fund are some categories for decision-making. other categories are pre-calculated.

    5. crises -- although we don't like it, at some point in time in our life a crisis occurs. for the moment, the time and cause of death are pre- calculated. other crises will be added in later versions: aids, drugs, stealing money to support a negative cash flow.

    6. social -- this dimemsion deals with social relationships; such as, club membership, sports teams, children and marriage expenses, retirement home costs, etc.

b. beginning your lifetime cycle.

each game, or lifetime cycle, begins with the selection of your name. the first 3 letters must be unique if more than one game is to be played at one time. life starts at age 17 while you are in high school. a number of personality and character traits are pre-selected for you, including your sex. you may want to change this to suit your sex, because george (the name you choose) can marry george, your husband, if you were pre- selected as female.

there are no biases regarding race, creed or sex, except for the fact that females earn less in our society.

only one chance is given to change any of the factors -- the "push button" menus will be displayed (press space bar to see choices). you are also asked to choose 2 goals in life (scroll down to see choices). from time-to-time you will be allowed to change your goals and a few characteristics -- after all, we do change as life goes on.

these factors, as well as others unknown to you, help determine the events that occur in your life. many events are pre-determined, they will happen at some time, and others are purely random -- the luck of the draw. just like life indeed!

you are able to make decisions affecting your life. how they turn out is determined by the above "rules of the system of life", as we presently know it. for example, going to college will generally result in greater income. "having a happy family" as a goal may not result in a marriage, or having children or even preventing a divorce. who knows what we wish for and what we get. some people just seem to have everything go their way; others always seem to be in trouble.

c. main menu options

profile and historical data printouts can be made by pressing the 'prt scrn' key at the desired screen.

ii. some rules of the game.

a. education

you will graduate high school. what happens from then depends on several factors. college is possible with a scholarship or by working after school. graduate school is also possible. you choose the major from a list. if initially denied college (or you may so choose), a trade school degree followed by college is possible.

if you must work and don't continue with your education, returning to college/grad school is possible at some point in time, but you will need $40,000 in the bank (among other factors).

b. careers.

a number of job industries are provided, including government where you can become president of the united states. as time goes by you will get raises and promotions, terminations, layoffs and business closing, etc. your salary is adjusted accordingly. you can also change job industries.

promotions and new positions are character/personality determined with a random factor applied (you may not get it even though you want it so badly).

salary changes reflect inflationary adjustments, up or down, so an actual increase may not result. changing jobs -- or getting a new job if terminated -- at the same position, or higher, may not result in an increase in salary. what a bummer!!

c. family.

you can become pregnant, or father a child, while not married. each child adds to your living expenses above a certain minimum.

upon marriage your spouse's salary may be added to your income, if he/she works (pre-determined factor). check your financial status. obviously, if your spouse works then not only will assets be divided upon divorce, but your salary will also be adjusted. you can remarry if divorced.

some people will not marry, or not have children, or not get divorced. luck (?) of the draw!

d. financial

why are finances so important? because our society makes them so important.

income will be adjusted based on a calculated inflation percentage, which can be plus or minus. assets are treated at purchase value with no appraisal or blue book value adjustments (too much work).

the expense categories are calculated based on some percentage of income. some percentages vary as income varies. divorce and retirement have the biggest effect on finances.

you can buy a house above $75,000 (about a $22,000 salary is required). you can sell it and buy another and equity adjustments will be made. or you can just sell it because you need cash. however, there must be sufficient income and at least $5,000 in the bank for first time buyers. cars will always require a $1,000 cash payment for first time purchase (otherwise there are equity adjustments).

you can cash in your college fund and/or investments, too. returning to school or a divorce will create a debt category (loan or alimony) which will be adjusted by annual payments until paid off in full. watch you finances here!

making changes to the budget or financial statement can be annoying. well, what can i say. ever fill out a tax form???

iii. common questions

    1. insufficient memory - you are probably running in 256 plus colors with less than 8 mb ram, or another application is also running.

    2. soundrec is being used - sounds cannot be played until application using soundrec is terminated.

    3. cannot find directory - some earlier versions need to edit glfhist.pif that is used to produce financial graph. follow windows procedure to edit this file (pif editor), changing working directory to glife (remove foxprow).

    4. sound garbled - you are not using a soundboard and your internal speaker needs cleaning.

    5. printing - you can print history, biographical data, etc using the print screen key which copies to the clipboard. you can print from clipboard.

iv. the future

we gladly welcome any suggestions, comments, criticisms, etc concerning destination: earth. certain aspects of the game can be altered to suit a particular, ethical and moral, point of view. you can write us about your views. they may be included in planned upgrades.

important information

register/order form

please register with us. if you like the game and use it for more than one (1) week you must pay the registration fee of $10.00 or discontinue using the game.

license and use rights; lnstall instructions

this program is copyright protected.

it is provided through shareware channels to allow individuals to copy and distribute freely to those who wish to try out and examine the program for their own use. if after a total period of 10 hours usage you must either discontinue using the program or pay the required registration fee.

no one is authorized to charge any amount, sales price, any fee or cost coverage charge without the written permission of starman group, inc.


this software product is copyrighted and all rights are reserved by starman group, inc.

you are licensed to use this software on a single computer. you may copy the software as needed for use on a single computer. making copies of this software for any other purpose is a violation of the united states copyright laws.

this software is sold/distributed as is without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. starman group, inc nor its dealers or distributors assumes any liability for any alleged or actual damages arising from the use of this program.

starman group, inc, multimedia productions, 5419 e. piping rock road, scottsdale, az 85254-2952, 602/996/3007 / 602-788-1922 (fax)
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